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North American Moose

Photo by Lynn Rogers (used w/ permission)

Alces Alces Andersoni

The North American Moose is the largest mammal of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), weighing over 1100 lbs and standing six feet tall at the shoulder.  Moose can often be found wading through marsh areas eating water lily, wild rice, other greens (up to 100 lbs a day).  According to Field & Stream, moose can swim for 12 miles without rest, and can dive up to 20 feet for food.

The cow moose, average about 300 lbs less than their bull and have a gestation period of 235 days.  Calves will stay with the cow till she breeds again and then are driven off.  Twins are common with moose. 

Moose can be temperamental and should be kept at a distance.  Do not approach a cow moose if you think a calf may be near by.  A cow moose will defend her calves against anything seen as a threat. 

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