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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer

Birdsongs of the BWCA

Canadian Goose photo by Erik W. L. Anderson

One of the joys of the Boundary Waters is enjoying the music of the birds, from the lonely call of the loon to the persistent whip-poor-will.... from the cry of the herring gull and the soaring eagle, to the honk of the geese and the hoot of the owl.

Now you can bring home some of those memories with the downloads to the right, and the compact discs available below.

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Other Wildlife of the BWCA

Moose White Tailed Deer
Wolves & Coyotes Otters, Beavers, Fisher
Rabbits Porcupines
Mink Wood Chucks
Squirrels & Chipmunks Cougar, Lynx, Bobcat
Red Fox Mice

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Downloadable Bird Songs


AmericanCrow01.mp3 (110kb)

BarredOwlHooting.wav (89kb) (84kb)

blackbir.wav (22kb)

blackbrd.wav (22kb)

bluejay_15sec.wav (340Kb) (90kb)

bobwhite.wav (21kb) (64kb)

cardinal.wav (80kb)

Cardinal.mp3 (219kb) (197kb)

chickadee.wav (200Kb)

crow.wav (8kb) (6kb)

crowcaw.wav (15kb) (27kb)

ducks.wav (45kb)

ducks2.wav (30kb)

flicker.wav (70kb)

grackle.wav (40kb)

HairyWoodpecker.mp3 (183kb)

hawk.wav (60kb)

hawkcry.wav (26kb)

NorthernFlicker.wav (98kb) (10kb)

owl.wav (7kb)

owl1.wav (98kb)

owl2.wav (15kb)

owl3.wav (7kb)

robin1.wav (25kb)

robin11.wav (41kb)

robin2.wav (17kb)

robin22.wav (41kb)

robin3.wav (25kb)


woodpeck.wav (15kb)