Snowshoeing the Boundary Waters

Snowshoes at Gunflint Lake, Photo by Erik W. L. Anderson

Snowshoes at Gunflint Lake, Photo by Erik W. L. Anderson

 "I stood beside a hill
      Smooth with new-laid snow,
           A single star looked out
 From the cold evening glow.

   There was no other creature
         That saw what I could see --
    I stood and watched the evening star
 As long as it watched me"

- Sara Teasdale

ffffft,  ffffft, ....   ....a near silent step or two into the serenity of the brisk winter's day in the Boundary Waters.  Sun glistens up from the perfect blanket of snow meandering across the lake... yet to be visited by man or creature.  No roar of traffic, boom boom of the broken speakers.... just you and God's creation, with the only sound perhaps beings your relaxed breath, or the occasional fflopff from the snow falling from the burdened branch.    Some say snowshoeing is the fastest growing winter activity in North America, and for many is a family event.  What better place to enjoy, than in the million-plus acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area?
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