Dennis O'Hara

Dennis, a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, is the owner of Northern Images.  Through the years, Dennis has captured beautiful images of God's creation, including the Boundary Waters, the North Shore, state parks, and the Duluth area.

"Only the mind of God could imagine and create the beauty of a flower, paint a sunrise, or compose the waterfalls that surround us wherever we live. "-- Dennis O'Hara

All photographs are under copyright, if you are interested in purchasing these images, please contact Northern Images.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Photographers:

The Blacklock's

Jim Brandenburg

Tom & Christie Kearney

Deborah Sussex

Layne Kennedy

Ken Harmon

Erik W. L. Anderson

Curt Stahr

Dennis O'Hara

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Lynn Rogers

Lorraine Anderson

Kevin Birznieks


Java Enabled Reflection Images:

All images are copyrighted and Used w/ Permission