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 Blacklock Nature Photography
Early in life, Les Blacklock discovered just telling people of his adventures didn't necessarily seize their attention. Everything changed once he had pictures to share along with his stories. Seven decades and sixteen books later, Blacklock photography continues to capture people's imagination. While Les, and later his son Craig and daughter-in-law Nadine, photographed throughout much of the United States, their specialty remained the forests and waterways close to their northern Minnesota home.

Les Blacklock


Nadine Blacklock 1953-1998

Craig Blacklock


Les Blacklock grew up in Moose Lake, Minnesota. Even as a young boy he was fascinated by wild places, especially during spring migrations when lake ice melted and waterfowl returned from the south.

He found that by slithering on his belly through cattails along the edge of the Moosehorn River he could get within a few yards of ringneck ducks, hooded mergansers, muskrats and loons.


Nadine Blacklock knew from junior high school that she would pursue a career in photography. She met her future husband, Craig, while she was working on her degree in photojournalism, which she received from the University of Minnesota in 1974. In 1982 joined her father-in-law, Les, and Craig in the family nature photography business. Her first photography trip was to the West coast to photograph mountain scenery. That year she and Craig taught the first of many nature photography workshops they did for the University of Minnesota Continuing Education Department.


Craig Blacklock grew up with camera in hand, traveling with his father, pioneering color nature photographer, Les Blacklock. His early work took him to the national parks of the American West to photograph mountain scenery and wildlife.

It wasn’t until the early 1980s that he concentrated on the Minnesota and Lake Superior region which has remained his source of subjects ever since.



Lake Superior Images by Craig Blacklock

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