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Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Hiking Trail Information

Kekekabic Trail

The rugged Kekekabic Trail, or "Kek", extends from the end of the Fernberg Trail in Ely near Snowbank Lake to  the Gunflint Trail near Gunflint Lake.   The trail connects to the Border Route Trail off of the Gunflint Trail. 

The trail extends 40 miles through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA).  Permits are required (Hiking Entry Points 56 & 74).

Originating in the 1880s, a portion of the trail led from the Gunflint Trail to the Paulson Mines.  The remainder of the trail was cleared in 1930s as an access trail for firefighting and forest management. A fire tower once stood near Kekekabic Lake, hence the trail and lake's name derived from the Ojibwe "Keke-quabic" which means "Hawk's nest on the rocks." 

The Kekekabic Trail is now maintained by the Kekekabic Trail Club and its volunteers.  In March 2009, a bill was introduced to reroute the North Country Trail to include the Kekekabic Trail, the Border Route Trail, and the Superior Hiking Trail.

Kekekabic Volunteer Trail Clearing Trips


Kekekabic Trail Maps

Kekekabic Trail Overview

West Trail Head to Drumstick Lake

Medas Lake to Strup Lake

Strup Lake to Gabimichigami

Howard Lake to East Trail Head

Maps are from the Kekekabic Trail Club.


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